I’m Jeremy Fletcher. Married to Julia. 29 years ministering in the north, and now Vicar of Hampstead Parish Church in the Edmonton Area of the Diocese of London

This blog is personal, representing my thoughts only. And I might occasionally disagree with myself.

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  • debbie says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you were ever in the police force many years ago…. stoke newington…. long shot, I know, but if I didnt ask, I would never know.
    All best wishes

  • Try this one then … did you used to play the flute? If you did, I think we played in a school orchestra together!

    Mick Sutcliffe

  • Hi Mick. Yes I did – and we did!! Do get in touch! I’m on Twitter, and FB – or though http://www.beverleyminster.org Will be great to catch up.

  • Hi Jeremy

    I thought there couldn’t be that many people of your name who are vicars on linked in! I’m already following you on Twitter as The Old Mill Centre – a self catering retreat and holiday centre (with studio theatre!) that my wife and I run. Check us out on http://www.oldmillcentre.co.uk – my email address & mob number are on the website.

    Kind regards,


  • David Crosby says:

    Hi Jeremy! (Or is it still ‘lo Jeremy’?) Doesn’t the fact that the ‘Pastoral’ letter is from the H of B but the ‘Mirror” letter is only from 27 of the little Bs (and not all of them ‘Diocesan’) speak volumes about the CofEs priorities? The former is about survival of the CofE. The latter is about survival of people. WWJD? indeed!

  • ken Reid r says:

    hi just a quick thought visited the Minster felt like turning the tables over at the retro market yesterday was i wrong to feel the house of prayer was misused Ken Reid Burnley 01282832740

    • Hi Ken. Always tricky – but I also heard lots of comments from people who want to return too. Thanks for your concern.

      • ken Reid r says:

        hi thanks for your response good if people want come back I hope and pray they find a deeper meaning of faith. Its not easy being in the world yet not of the world. best wishes Ken Reid Methodist local preacher.

  • Derren McCrum says:

    Hi Jeremy how time flies,it’s Ryan’s 21st on the 20 October. We are going for something to eat on the 23rd we would love it if you an Julia could come along. He’s faced so many hurdles in his 21 years I’d love to fill you in (not violently ) please get in touch 07595930579. Love to all the family Derren and Sally x

  • Lally says:

    Welcome Rev. Fletcher to Hampstead Church.
    We are the Kellers family….Lally,Paul, Tigerlilly and Scarlet. Look forward to meeting you in March… 😊

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