Rules for Lock Down Reverends

April 13, 2020 § 6 Comments

Rules Again

In the days when we shared the Peace, home visits were a thing,  and anyone could grab a biscuit at coffee without sanitising, Rules for Reverends attempted to map a little bit of church life.

Here’s a Lock Down edition. You will have more, I know.

If only you’d redone your website when you’d thought about it last year.

No one ever rings your landline. Except when you’re live streaming.

If you have books behind you, make sure they are the difficult ones you’ve always been meaning to read.

Every other church everywhere clearly had this in its risk assessment, and was ready to go on day one.

People you’d never have expected are really good at Zoom.

Some clergy houses have lovely coloured walls.

Landscape not portrait.

No, the Archbishops can’t tell you what to do. But they can ask nicely. There is Law. And Grace.

Shut the door. The cat knows you’re broadcasting.

The congregation miss the Eucharist too. But you can have it and they can’t.

Look at the camera, not the screen.

When you sing a song well enough for Facebook to impose copyright restrictions.

You’d never quite got round to seeing what you look like when you preach, had you? Too late now.

A Zoom gathering is fabulous for helping you put names to faces. Unless someone’s child has renamed them KittyCat2057.

Thinking about it, what’s my name at the moment?

Now that worship at home is a thing, enabling households to be places of discipleship just got fashionable. And resourced.

It’s Tyube. Not Toob.

Choose your platform. Do it well. Someone else’s will always look better.

For the moment, church is a gathering of homes. Unless someone’s enabled that Zoom background of San Francisco.

This is hard. Be gentle.

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