Stuff I’ve Given Up

October 28, 2013 § 6 Comments

There’s lots of stuff that I’ve never done. Some of it is on principle, I guess. But other stuff I have done, and have stopped doing. hand-stop-2I don’t know what this says about me, but here goes:

Watching, or indeed having anything to do with, Premiership Football.  Three years ago. The money is just obscene. How can we fuss about the ethics of banking when a bog standard striker is on £10m per annum? You get a whole C of E diocese for that. I won’t join in any more.

The Grand National. Ditto – but twenty years ago, after various horses died. In fact I just don’t get horse racing generally, and dislike the aftermath of race meetings (in York and Beverley). It’s just not pleasant.

Reading The Times. Just because it’s Murdoch. I’ve never had Sky, for the same reason. But, I confess, we do get The Sunday Times, because I’m weak and I like Style and Culture.

Watching Downton Abbey. The story, and depiction, of Anna’s rape was just plain wrong. Sorry. No more.

Anything to do with the Horror genre. That’s been a long standing thing. Just don’t like it.

Anything like farce, or the comedy of embarrassment. Just makes me feel uncomfortable.

When Typesetting: Using Comic Sans, centering hymns, using exclamation marks, justifying text, using Times Roman, using Publisher. Just because.

Reading the Daily Telegraph. I used to joke that I read the DT because at least I knew I disagreed with it. But then Damian Thomson wrote something abusive about the C of E, effectively damning every one of its clergy, and I thought ‘I don’t have to pay for the privilege of being abused like this’. I did get a very nice letter from the Letters Editor, Christopher Howse, though, and I miss his bits, including the obituaries.

Wearing any clerical shirt colour other than black. This is a complete turnaround: I vowed before ordination that I would never wear black. Just goes to show.

§ 6 Responses to Stuff I’ve Given Up

  • Bernadette says:

    Apart from the final item in your short list, I am in full agreement.
    Colour is one of the most vibrant expressions of creativity. It is the delicious underscore of all that is. Undoubtedly you are among the more creative church leaders in our land and black is a bit of a disaster darling, fit for fashionistas and death to dynamism. Please think on.

  • Evan Cockshaw says:

    So … explain the black shirt thing. Is this a theological epiphany or a bulk buy offer from Hayes & Finch?

  • Jeremy Fletcher says:

    I found that any colour other than black caused too much comment in my contexts on the 2000s. Now I’m just hidebound by tradition.

  • charleswread says:

    So agree about centering hymns and stuff! Would have written this in Comic Sans though if I could.

    I wear black shirts for funerals and other sombre events and sober colours for General Synod or spesaking on behalf of the diocese in my diovesan officer role. My favourite canary yellow shirt no longer fits, alas!

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