Jeremy Fletcher's Blog

On travelling to London, and looking out of the window


Still life horses in frosted fields, as the Holderness sky takes flame.

Tower block hospital washed in early gold.
I look, and yearn that inside the darkened may find their light.

Sky, Lincolnshire and water meet.
Breakfast is heralded.
There are quotidian matters of meeting papers to read.

Beverley, Hull, Selby, Doncaster, Newark, Grantham.
Great churches thread this journey.
‘Cathedral-like’ tells only some of their story.

New born sun draws dry-ice mist from marshlands dew.

First week lambs cast growing shadows.
Tractor tracks frame early shoots.
Now, and tomorrow, there is life.

Black ploughed field swept with harrowed brush strokes.
The distant balloonist sees another picture.

New minaret and mosque, old cathedral, both lit by an eastern sun.
The world comes together.

London is a gravitational command. The train speeds to obey.
Yet there are fields and cattle among the orbiting towns.

‘Next, final and terminating’. An increasingly apocalyptic end. And so to work.