Rules for Reverends V

December 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

Seem to have started something here – a few more then.

41. No Year 1 assembly will survive if you mention the word ‘Christmas’.

42. You can always tell a Bishop but you can’t tell him much.

43. Services are better when planned with other people. Your week will be better if you don’t have as many meetings. In the middle of this tension God is to be found.

44. Each one of your parishioners is made in God’s image. You just need to look harder at some of them.

45. Annual Parochial Church Meetings would be enlivened if people could be voted off rather than on. But you might be first.

46. The person at your door asking for money and food might be a prophet. But they just be dangerous and frightening to your family and you have to be careful.

47. The recycled sermon you use in desperation will be the only one someone remembers from the first time.

48. All pews are sacred.

49. Sending a text at the right time can be a deeply pastoral act.

50. Hardly anyone will refuse if you offer to pray for them.


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