Rev at Work

November 5, 2011 § 2 Comments

Having tweeted (@RevJFletcher) that my working day looked like being 16 hours yesterday, someone asked me to analyse those hours. Good question.

First: I think it was a good day. Lots of ‘Rev’ing. But what sort, and was it worth it? So:  

6.30 – 7.30. Up, and emailing. Not normal, this – just using being wide awake. Bye bye to Julia at some point during this time. She’s got an hour’s commute.
Work: lots of detail. Quality: more urgent than important. Rev quota: 4/10

7.30 – 8.00 Breakfast. Church Times. Bit of Daily Telegraph.
8.15 – 8.30: Dentist. Dens sana in corpore sano.
8.40 – 9.09: Admin in Office – noticesheet etc.
Work: lots of detail. Quality: more urgent than important. Rev quota: 4/10

9.15 – 10.22: Funeral Visit. Man not much older than me, not troubled the Docs before. Had a heart attack during a routine hospital appointment.
Work: practical service planning, pastoral listening, spiritual questioning along with them. Quality: they were amazing. Rev quota: 10/10. Kind of why I’m a parish priest. Hope they valued it as much as I did.

10.35 – 12.20: Staffing Committee. We have 15 employed staff, and a there is a very mixed bag of contracts [or not]. I set this committee up, but it feels like ploughing through gloup at the moment.
Work: will provide a better sense of security for our staff. Few people outside the office will notice a surface difference though. Quality: I have some great PCC members, but this is more about slog than imagination. Rev quota: 2/10. We could have been any small business, but it needs to be done.

12.20 – 12.45. Admin at desk.
Work: lots of detail. Quality: more urgent than important. Rev quota: 4/10

12.45 – 1.30. Lunch at home.
1.30 – 2.30. Meet PCC Secretary. Sort out procedures (do all PCC stuff by email, don’t give in, etc).
Work: lots of detail. Quality: more urgent than important. But getting PCC stuff right saves so much time in the long run.  Rev quota: 4/10

2.45 – 4.40. Funeral. An older lady, known to me. Clergy daughter and wife. Families grieve in their own way, and their mourning ceremonies were touching. She had chosen Easter hymns, and wanted ‘Father of all we give you thanks and praise’ from the Communion service. Special poignancy to ‘opened the gate of glory’.
Work: the conduct of worship and the mediation of grief and faith. Quality. I hope I was OK. It did much for me. Rev quota: 10/10

4.45 – 5.50. Admin, then Evening Prayer on my own, then more admin.
Work: bitty, but all urgent. Quality. Flagging by now. Rev quota: 5/10 (because of the prayer)

5.50 – 6.30. Quick tea and catch up with Julia.

6.30 – 9.40. Being Virger, host, refreshment provider, and worship leader  for an evening for Christian Aid, with Development and Church leaders from Sierra Leone. Didn’t want to impose on Virgers, so did it all myself. Powerful evening, with more there than I’d guessed (60, not 50).
Work: all sorts. I like putting chairs out, and away, and love being in the Minster on my own at the end. Quality: these were people who had lived through a war, and were rebuilding. Rev quota:  7/10 – could have had deeper conversations if I wasn’t serving coffee.

I think that’s 50/90 on the Rev quota. I didn’t get enough time for Julia, or food. I had more profound pastoral encounters than normal, but lots of the admin and meeting stuff was routine rather than earth shaking.

I reflect, though, that doing the routine is as much mission as the electrically charged pastoral encounters you sometimes have – and perhaps the routine has to be there for the other stuff to take off.

And 55% ‘Rev’ing isn’t bad in a day.


§ 2 Responses to Rev at Work

  • Ruth Fletcher says:

    Found this by accident after reading your “100 things.”
    Made terrific reading. Did you see your mention in The Times a propos of A. of Canterbury?

    A query only. In daily diary, is Morning Prayer somewhere? Used to be in Centre when I worked there or Minster. I personally miss it too often but try to say an evening one last thing. Compline is always soothing, last week’s ditto.

  • Thanks Ruth. yes – MP is normally there, but the dentist intervened! Blessings from Beverley 🙂

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