General Synod – Tuesday

February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Yes, Synod is happening. Sorry for silence this morning. I
was occupied with the Communion Service (all OK, except that the
piano failed at the end, and we almost gave the Archbishop an empty
chalice to preside with) … and then there was an Archdeacon
related coffee incident which put paid to the laptop, and required
a change of clothes. Anyway, the morning continued with detailed
consideration of the Clergy Disipline Amendment Measure, and a
presentation about Ethical Investment: making a blunt instrument a
bit more subtle. The afternoon has begun with a Presidential
Address by +Ebor on the role of the C of E in national life. After
lunch is always a nightmare. Sentamu is speaking with clarity and
real determination, but the post-lunch warmth is having its effect.
Just ended: “Let’s do it. Let’s do it now” On to the Archbishops’
Council Manifesto – Challenges for the New Quinqunnium. It’s a call
to mission, expressed carefully. We live in straitened
circumstances. There are three main themes: Contributing as the
national church to the common good; Facilitating the growth of the
church Re-imagining the Church’s ministry. +Birmingham has given us
a measured shove forward. The debate won’t, however, create a vast
amount of light. Perhaps the odd speech will tell us something new.
Andrea Williams (Christian Legal Centre) is whipping it up – she
represents people who are disicplined for wearing crosses and
sticking to Christian values. How do we witness to ‘certain
enduring Gospel truths’ ?(Archbishop of York). Quite a speech …
and much applause, though lots of people here would not want to be
as shrill. Two excellent reminders that the Gospel is what changes
things, and that there are other denominations in the land. The
report (in my view) has its eyes down in the weeds. They are the
right weeds, but it’s an interim thing, not a clarion

5 pm. Synod has just got cross about the appointment of the Bishop of Dover as Chair of the Business Committee, and has left him as Acting Chair. Not a piece of work which will do much for the Kingdom, but a momentary flurry which was important in its own terms.

Now on to the Weddings Project. About attracting people to Church.


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