General Synod in Feb, as it happens

February 7, 2011 § Leave a comment

Here we are again. Bons mots from the chamber for your
excitement. We’ve just heard from the Secretary of State for
International Development. He spoke (quickly!) about Development
being both a moral requirement and in our self interest. His Dept
is keen not just to provide aid, but also to reduce conflict and
promote economic development. Poverty impoverishes people; economic
growth pulls them out of poverty. I was here when Clare Short spoke
to us in the late 1990s – she whipped it up a bit more than Andrew
Mitchell. V pragmatic, but he’s pleased that we have preserved his
budget! In questions (good for him) he is pressed on the Millennium
Development Goals – and the Expenditure on the Pope’s visit – it
did’t come out of the 0.7 % aid budget. The Archbishop of
Canterbury has responded with warmth and challenge -he is concerned
that a concentration on “success” should not be at the expense of
capacity building. He gives a good plug to the Mothers’ Union, and
affirms responsible evangelism. 5.15. We are debating a technical
thing which follows on from the Anglican Communion motion last
November: should the final vote be with two-thirds majorities in
each house? People are heeding the Chir’s stern words not to
debate the Covenant itself…the two-thirds bit could either be the
opportunity to give a ringing endorsement to the Covenant, or the
best opportunity for a small number of people to wreck it!

The motion has been lost in each house, so when it comes back we will require a simple majority.

Questions now – bit late as the voting technology let us down.

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