Photos for the 12 Days – VII

December 31, 2010 § Leave a comment

“And what is your big thing for 2011?” asked a friend yesterday.

We do a Watch Night Service here – and 200 came last year, so the change of year does have some significance. But tomorrow is just tomorrow, isn’t it?

The end of one year and the beginning of another is, I guess, as good a time as any to stop, reflect, review, give thanks, seek forgiveness and determine what behaviour, what lifestyle, what direction and what choices are most appropriate for the future. What I don’t like is the sense that everything about the old year was bad and everything about 2011 will be wonderful, if only we behave ourselves. We have the chance to change every day. “New every morning is the love…” and all that.

Much of yesterday, and this past year, will have been wonderful. Much of what we have done will be worth repeating. Some things must change, and if the click of a number on the calendar gives the necessary impetus, then well and good. I’m not sure what my big thing for 2011 will be – perhaps the golf handicap down to 15? But there are lots of little things I need to work on. One of them will be to see if I can do that thing I learned about in Spirituality ages ago: to reflect on each day, give thanks for the good, seek forgiveness for the bad and determine to have more of the former than the latter the next day. The Jesuits call it the Examen.

Today’s photo is at Hornsea, this afternoon. After some grey days there was a glimpse of sunshine. May tomorrow, and 2011, be full of warmth, creativity, depth and life – in all its fullness.

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