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Photos for the 12 Days – II


There was a piece in the Church Times this week saying that most churches were going to do a full programme of services today, the day after Christmas Day.

Well we didn’t. One service at 10.30, to which any members of our five churches could come. And 49 of us did, and it was lovely. We worshipped in the Quire, and as the rest went to the South Transept for coffee, I came back and took this.

I know that belief is about much more than aesthetics and emotion and sentiment, but somehow Christmas became absolutely real when a small number (the ‘hard core’) came together on the First Sunday of Christmas and worshipped together.

Hard not to believe in God when this is the view you have when leading worship. And hard not to believe in God when your curate has preached an excellent sermon, and the Body of Christ has done its stuff.