General Synod Nov 2010 – as it happens

November 23, 2010 § 1 Comment

Welcome Synod watchers.
We’ve had our inauguration by the Queen – the Abbey at its best (though the arrangement of ‘Purify my heart’ was really not good at all); and she and we said good things to each other.

++Rowan Is giving his Presidential Address on the Catholic Spirit. Many of us are listening in the aftermath of the Pete Broadbent thing. Pete has now been asked ‘to withdraw from public ministry’ for a while. Someone has noted that, down the years, Bishops have said all sorts of things about faith, and little has happened. But say inappropriate things to do with the nation and…


Rowan has just invited us to surprise the outside world by disappointing their expectations by committing ourselves to each other, whatever. We should come prepared to be changed.

He’s spoken powerfully about the Covenant – he’s all for it. The Communion needs the covenant. We ate to be loyal to each other and the whole Anglican family – and loyal in Christ’s name to our society.

4.00. Debate on the Big Society. Bishop of Leicester speaks about joint work in his diocese with other faiths.

Paula Gooder has just said that building community is not cheap, and a true Big Society is not good for cost cutting. The early Christians discovered that they had to give everything.

++Rowan has just talked about self forgetting – and generosity. He wants to know what the government’s plans are for building capacity – eg the Big Society bank.

The principles of a national Big Society apply equally to a global Big Society too. ‘I am not cynical (about Big Society and the need to cut costs) but opportunistic’. This is an opportunity to be grasped.

Revd Mandy Ford: there are problems when clergy spend more time with community professionals than residents; and when the community centre thrives alongside a church which is dying. The church must be vibrant in building community, its special charism.

Bishop of Knaresbrough: the church is doing Big Society well, especially in rural communities. But how do people move from self interest to service? That’s what faith provides.

Bishop of Blackburn – off on quite a tirade. The Big Society looks like ‘win win’, but what about job cuts and financial surgery. The church needs to dig deep into the reality of faith, hope and love. Otherwise the Big Society will just be advertising.

We have just agreed to put some teeth into our support and voted for motion to do some serious study about the role of the church in the Big Soc – funded by a private benefactor.

Now to questions. Too many to blog about! See you tomorrow.


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  • Yes, but what does the Covenant say? Its all well and good committing to each other, but signing a document that fundamentally changes what we believe to be Anglicanism as well as what each other would seem problematic.

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