General Synod

July 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Thought I might blog a bit during what promises to be a tumultuous meeting of Synod.

My first reflection is that it feels like the end of the C of E as we know it is upon us. But, when I think about it, I have arrived at York (why is it always the summer meetings?) feeling like this before.

I am genuinely torn between the importance of having fully fledged Women Bishops and the importance of an inclusive C of E. I really hope that we are not forced into a showdown between the two.



§ One Response to General Synod

  • Phil Taylor says:

    What’s the situation with regards to women becoming Archbishops? I spoke with my vicar about it last week and he said that it was all a part of it, yet in all the stuff I’ve read about it all that is ever mentioned is women bishops.
    For me there are 2 things that need to be done.

    The first is the above issue being debated so that we don’t have another debate about it again in another 20 years. It may also change some people’s views, as for me at the moment (in part because of the lack of a debate) I see no problem with women bishops because they are under male headship with the Archbishops. My view may change, but the debate needs to be had in full to inform people, like me, as much as possible.

    The second is that those who have a theological issue with it MUST be protected and enabled to remain a part of the CofE. Legally the church must do it, as they promised as part of the Act of Synod. But also, simply as an act of Christian compassion for our brothers in Christ, we must not act in a way that would alienate them.

    Best of luck with the weekend, I look forward to your further blogging.

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