Inflation and Deflation

May 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

We had an amzing week last week. Two recordings of Songs of Praise, one of Antiques Roadshow. Both programmes come with a history, a culture, a family and even a spirituality. Beverley Minster pulled out every possible stop, and we were exhilarated and tired by the end.

I guess I knew it would happen, but various things in the following week have really deflated me. Some reasonably petty things in a PCC meeting. People not quite getting my intentions over a particular project. The financial tidying up withe BBC and some misunderstandings at our end. All quite small in the scheme of things, but magnified greatly after the successful managing of a major event. There are downs as well as ups, and the little downs after a big up seem just dreadful – at least to me. Come back Fiona and Aled!

I’ve reached 49 and not learnt the lesson yet. Good grief.


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